History of the domain


Once upon a time, La Faisanderie… at the edge
of an enchanted forest, a house was nestled with a wisp of smoke coming out of
it, sign of a nice fire crackling in the fireplace. Emilienne was peeling
potatoes while waiting for her husband Roger to return from his daily walk in
the forest. After checking on the health of the oaks, pines and larches, the
gamekeeper would stop with a smile to feed the pheasants he was raising.

With the weekend family and friends would arrive and look forward to the Sunday feast
that the hosts had in store for them. The wine flowed in the glasses that were
emptied, the discussion was going well and the smells of cooking were slowly
replaced by the smells of honey and tobacco. Thus followed these years of
tradition and conviviality …. Today, the house at the edge of the woods seems
quite empty but the laughter resounds in the distance and the flapping of the
pheasants’ wings can still be heard. 

The Domaine de la Faisanderie is above all the desire to give back its soul to the place.
To make the name last, far from its connotation with hunting. We want to take
the opposite approach by making you discover a place where the forest is
preserved, where animals roam freely and where cabins respect nature as much as
possible. We want to install an eco-responsible philosophy as much in the
construction of cabins, in the welcome, in the products we offer as in the way
our guests behave.

Because preserving a place and certain traditions is good, but adapting to its time and its ecological needs is even better. 

La maison du Domaine de la Faisanderie
Souvenirs à la Faisanderie
Souvenir de balade à la Faisanderie

Did you know?

The film “Close” by Lukas Dhont was partly shot at the Domaine de la Faisanderie!

You may recognise Leo’s house, or the path the boys take to school.

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